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Products & Services

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We carry over 600 product lines including more than 20,000 different inventory items. The following list includes Products and Services we offer. If you cannot find what  you are looking for, call us at 1-800-627-1033 to check availability.  


Abrasion Resistant Suction Hose
Abrasive Pads
Absorbent Center Cabinet
Absorbent Loose Granular
Absorbent Mats and Rugs
Absorbent Pads - Oil Only

Absorbent Pads - Universal
Absorbent Rolls - Oil Only
Absorbent Rolls - Universal
Absorbent SOCs
AC Voltage Sensor
Accu-Flo Screw Tip Assemblies
Adapters - Barrel End Cap
Adapters - Nozzle
Adapters - Thermocouple
Adhesive Sprays
Adjustable Scraper
Adjustable Depth RTDs
Adjustable Depth Thermocouples
Adjustable Heater Bands
Adjustable Hex Nipples
Adjustable Deburring Scrapers
Agent - Heat Transfer
Air Couplings
Air Gun Extensions
Air Guns
Air Hose
Air Hose - Self Coiling
Air Manifolds
Air Operated Conveyors
All-Metal Separator
Aluminum - Cast Quick Couplers
Amperage Conversion Chart
Anti-fatigue Floor Mats
Anti-fatigue Floor Mats - Tech Tip
Anti-seize Lubricant
Anti-static Copper Tinsel
Anti-static Spray
Apollo Ball Valves
Assemblies - Screw Tip

Auxiliary Equipment - Chillers - Air
Auxiliary Equipment - Chillers - Water
Auxiliary Equipment - Conveyors
Auxiliary Equipment - Cooling Towers - Fiberglass
Auxiliary Equipment - Cooling Towers - Steel
Auxiliary Equipment - Dryers
Auxiliary Equipment - EZ Loader
Auxiliary Equipment - Granulators
Auxiliary Equipment - Mold Temperature Controllers - Oil
Auxiliary Equipment - Mold Temperature Controllers - Water
Auxiliary Equipment - Pump Tank Stations
Auxiliary Equipment - Vacuum Loaders

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Baffles - Plug
Ball Check Valves
Ball Valves
Band Heaters - Ceramic
Band Heaters - Mica

Band Heaters - Mica - Tech Tip
Barbs - Hose
Barrel End Cap Adapters
Barrel End Cap Adapter Installation Kits
Barrel End Cap Wrenches
Barrel Insulation Blankets
Barrel Insulation Blankets - Tech Tip
Barrel Lifespan - Controlling - Tech Tip
Barrel Measuring Bore Gauges

Barrel Measuring Bore Gauges - Tech Tip
Barrel Measuring Wear - Tech Tip
Barrels - Bi-metallic
Barrels - Blow Molding
Barrels - Custom Design
Barrels - Extrusion
Barrels - Injection
Barrels - Materials
Barrels - New
Barrels - New Rubber
Barrels - Reconditioning Services
Barrels - Reconditioning - Tech Tip
Barrels - Rubber
Barrels - Thermoset Injection
Barrels - Tool Steel
Barrels - Twin
Bars, Tie
Baty Bore Gauges
Bayonet Thermocouples
Bi-metallic Barrels
Blades - Granulator - New
Blades - Granulator - Resharpening

Blanket - Insulation
Blanket - Insulation - Tech Tip
Blanket - Volume Purchasing
Block-out Enamel - Coverall Tan
Bolt Clamps - Spiral
Bore Brush Extension Rods
Bore Cleaning Brushes
Bore Gauges
Bore Gauge Parts (Series 210)
Bore Gauge Parts (Series 215)

Bore Gauges - Tech Tip
Bore Wear Measuring - Tech Tip
Box Set - Deburring Tool
Box Tilters
Brass Brushes 
Brass Brushes - Copper Center
Brass Brushes - Cup
Brass Brushes - Tube - Single Spiral
Brass Combination Hose Inserts

Brass Extended Plugs
Brass Extension Elbows
Brass Extension Hose Barbs
Brass Hose Barbs
Brass Hose Barbs - Extensions

Brass Hose Splicers
Brass Nozzle Cleaning Brushes
Brass Pipe Fittings
Brass Plugs - Extended
Brass Scrapers

Brass Tubes - Cascades
Brass "Y" Manifolds
Brushes - Bore Cleaning
Brushes - Brass
Brushes - Copper Center
Brushes - Copper Center Metal Driver
Brushes - Copper Center Plastic Adapter
Brushes - Cup
Brushes - Tube - Single Spiral
Buna-N O-rings
Buna-N O-ring Kits
Bunting Drawer Magnets
Bunting Hopper Magnets
Bunting In-Line Magnets
Bunting Magnets Tech Tip
Bunting Round Hopper Magnets
Bunting Self-Cleaning Drawer Magnets
Bunting Square Hopper Magnets
Bunting Torpedo Magnets
Bunting Un-Drilled Drawer Magnets

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C12 Countersink Blade - 1/2"
C20 Countersink Blade - 3/4"
C30 Countersink Blade - 1-3/4"
Cabinet - Absorbent
Cable Clamps
CAED Technology Nozzle Tips
Cam & Groove Couplers
Camie Sprays
Caps - Barrel End
Caps - Barrel End Installation Kit
Caps - Ceramic
Caps - Plug
Carton Sealing Tape
Cartridge Heaters - Hi-temp
Cartridge Heaters - Metric
Cartridge Heaters - Square
Cascade Assemblies
Cascade Heads
Cascade Tubes
Cast Aluminum Quick Couplers
Center Flow Magnets
Central Chillers - Air
Central Chillers - Water
Cera-Cut Knife
Ceramic Caps
Ceramic Heater Bands
Ceramic Strip Heaters
Check Valves
Check Valves - Ball
Chillers - Air
Chillers - Portable Air
Chillers - Portable Water
Chillers - Water
Chimney Cleaning Brush
Chutes - Mold
Citrus Cleaner - Hand
Citrus Cleaner - Mold
Clamp Kits
Clamp Maintenance Kits
Clamps - Cable
Clamps - Ear
Clamps - Heavy Duty T-bolt
Clamps - Hose
Clamps - Mold
Clamps - Pincers
Clamps - Spiral Double-bolt
Clamps - T-bolt
Clamps - Worm Gear
Cleaners - Hand
Cleaning Pads - Abrasive
Clips - Coupler - Safety
Clips - Coupling
Coil Heaters
Coiling Air Hose
Collars - Compression
Combination Hose Inserts
Compression Collars
Computer Enclosures
Condenser Tube Brushes
Contact Cleaner
Contactors - Mercury
Contactors - Tech Tip
Containment - Spill
Controlling Screw/Barrel Lifespan - Tech Tip
Conversion Chart - Amperage
Conversions - Upsize/Downsize
Conversions - Thermoplastic/Thermoset
Cooling Towers - Fiberglass
Cooling Towers - Galvanized Steel
Copper Center Brass Brushes
Copper Gauze
Copper Gauze - Tech Tip
Copper Tinsel Anti-Static
Corner Tilters
Cotton Inspection Gloves
Cotton/Poly String Knit Gloves
Countersink Deburring Blades
Countersink Deburring Tool
Counter Tred Anti-fatigue Floor Mats
Couplers - Air
Couplers - Cam and Groove
Couplers - Hydraulic
Couplers - Non-valved
Couplers - Quick Connect - Air
Couplers - Quick Connect - Water
Couplers - Valved
Couplers - Water
Couplings - Weld
Coverall Tan Block-out Enamel
Cover Plugs
Covers - Drum
Covers - Gaylord
Cranked Countersink Blades
Cresent Cutting Tools
Cresent Gate Cutters
Cup Brushes
Current Detector
Custom Barrels
Custom Bi-metallic Barrels
Custom Design Services - Barrels
Custom Design Services - Screws
Custom Feedscrews
Custom Heater Bands
Custom Manifolds
Custom Screws
Custom Quills
Cutters - Gate
Cutters - Hose
Cutters - Plastic Gate
Cutting Tools

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D50 Deburring Blade
D66 Deburring Blade
Dayco/Parker Hose
DC Voltage Sensor
Deburring Blades
Deburring Box Set
Deburring Tools
Dehumidifying Dryers
Desiccant - Molecular Sieve
Desiccant - Molecular Sieve - Tech Tip
Desert Dry Desiccant
Design Services - Barrels
Design Services - Screws
Desktop Computer Enclosures
Detector - AC Current
Detector - DC Current
Detector - Metal
Dial Bore Gauges
Diamond Cutting Tools
Diamond Gate Cutters
Dielectric Paste
Dispersion Discs
Divided Manifolds
Double Bolt Clamps
Downsize/Upsize Conversions
Drawer Magnets
Drool Discs
Drool Discs - Tech Tip
Drum Covers
Dry Film Spray
Dry Lubricant
Dry Paintable Release
Dry Release Agent
Dry Silicone Lubricant
Dryer Hose - High Temperature
Dryer Hose - Insulated
Dryer Hose - Return Air
Dual-Inlet Hopper Loader
Duct Tape

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Ear Clamps
Economy Release Agent
Economy Suction Hose
Edge-Off Deburring Tool
Elbows - Brass Extension
Elbows - Steel Hex
Electrical Tape
Enamel Paint - Coverall Block-out
English Micrometers
End Cap Adapters - Barrel
End Cap Adapter - Installation Kit
End Cap Adapter Wrenches
Engineering Services
Extended Brass Plugs
Extension Air Guns
Extension Elbows - Brass
Extension Hose Barbs
Extension Pipes
Extension Rod - Bore Brushes
Extensions - Thermocouple
EZ Loader Hopper Loader
EZ Purge Purging Liquid
EZ-Walk Nyracord Anti-fatigue Floor Mats

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Fabric Adhesive Spray
Fast Orange Hand Cleaner
Fast Tack Adhesive Spray
Feed Conveyors
Feedscrews - Custom Design
Feedscrews - New
Feedscrews - Rebuilding Services
Fiberglass Reinforced Strapping Tape
Filter Discs
Finned Ceramic Strip Heaters
Fittings - Adapters
Fittings - Adjustable Hex Nipples
Fittings - Air Quick Connect Couplings
Fittings - Bushings
Fittings - Cam and Groove Couplers
Fittings - Counter Sunk Hex Head Plugs
Fittings - Coupling Female
Fittings - Cover Plugs
Fittings - Elbows - 45 - Female
Fittings - Elbows - 45 - Street
Fittings - Elbows - 90 - Female
Fittings - Elbows - 90 - Street
Fittings - Extended Plugs
Fittings - Extension Elbows
Fittings - Extension Elbows - Hex
Fittings - Extension Hose Barbs
Fittings - Extension Pipes
Fittings - Female Pipe Tee
Fittings - Hex Elbows
Fittings - Hex Nipples
Fittings - Hexkey Brass Elbows
Fittings - Hexkey Brass Street Elbows
Fittings - Hose Barbs
Fittings - Hose Inserts
Fittings - Hose Splicers
Fittings - Hydraulic Couplers
Fittings - Male Branch
Fittings - Male Reducing Hex Nipple
Fittings - Mold Pressure Plugs
Fittings - Nipples
Fittings - Non-valved Quick Couplers
Fittings - Pipe
Fittings - Pipe Caps
Fittings - Pipe Crosses
Fittings - Piston Tubes
Fittings - Reducing Coupling - Female
Fittings - Square Head Plug
Fittings - Unions
Fittings - Valved Shut-off Couplers
Fittings - Water Jumpers
Fittings - Water Quick Connect Couplings
Fittings - Y Manifolds
Fixed Bayonet RTDs
Fixed Immersion Thermocouples - Bayonet
Flash Cure - Adhesive Spray
Floor Mats
Floor Mats - Tech Tip
Flue Cleaning Brush
Foam/Fabric Adhesive Spray
Food Processor Grade - Silicone Spray
Four-piece Screw Tip Assembly
Front Discharge Ball Check Valves

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Gate Cutters
Gauges - Barrel Bore
Gauges - Barrel Bore - Tech Tip
Gauze - Copper
Gauze - Copper - Tech Tip
Gauze Finger Tape
Gaylord Covers
Gaylord Tilters
Gaylord Vacuum Wands
General Purpose - Adhesive Spray
Glass Cloth Hi-temp Tape
Glass Master High Performance Screws
Granulator Knives - New
Granulator Knives - Resharpening
Granulator Screens
Gravity In-line Magnets
Grease - White Lithium
Grease - Silicone Spray
Grinder Knives - New
Grinder Knives - Resharpening
Grinder Feed Conveyors
Grinder Plate Magnets
Grinder Screens
Gripper Gloves
Grizzly Hose
Gun Barrel Brush
Guns - Air

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Hand Brushes
Hand Cleaners
Hand Pads - Poly-Brite
Heat Transfer Agent
Heater Bands
Heater Bands - Adjustable
Heater Bands - Ceramic
Heater Bands - Insulation Plus
Heater Bands - Mica Standard
Heater Bands - Mica - Tech Tip
Heater Bands - Nozzle
Heater Release
Heaters - Cartridge Hi-temp
Heaters - Cartridge Metric
Heaters - Cartridge Square
Heaters - Ceramic Band
Heaters - Ceramic Strip
Heaters - Coil
Heaters - Finned
Heaters - Strip
Heaters - Strip Finned
Heaters - Strip Permaheat
Heaters - Strip Ultima
Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser
Heavy-Duty Silicone Lubricant
Heavy-Duty Solvent Cleaner
Heavy-Duty T-bolt Clamps
Heavy-Weight Cotton Inspection Gloves
Heavy-Weight String Knit Gloves
Hex Elbows
Hex Nipples - Adjustable
Hexkey Cascade Assemblies
Hexkey Cascade Heads
High Bond - High Strength - Adhesive Spray
High Flow Cascade Assemblies
High Flow Cascade Heads
High Strength Adhesive Spray
High Volume Conveyance Metal Hose
High Volume Transfer Metal Hose
Hi-temp Tape
Hi-temp Terminal Rings
Hi-temp Wire
Hoist Rings
Hopper Magnets
Hopper Loader
Hose - Abrasion Resistant Suction
Hose - Air
Hose - Dryer, Hi-temp
Hose - Dryer, Insulated
Hose - Dryer, Return Air
Hose - Heavy Duty Suction
Hose - High Volume Transfer Metal
Hose - Loader
Hose - Material Handling
Hose - Metal
Hose - Oil
Hose - Self Coiling
Hose - Suction
Hose - Transfer, High Volume
Hose - Vacuum
Hose - Water
Hose Barbs
Hose Barbs - Extension
Hose Clamp Kits
Hose Clamps
Hose Cutters
Hose Inserts
Hose Splicers
Hot Mill Gloves
Hot Mill Nitrile Gloves
HTC Tops-All Machined Mold Clamps
Hydraulic Fittings
Hygroscopic Material
Hygroscopic Material - Tech Tip

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Industrial Hose - Grizzly
In-line Magnets
Inserts - Hose
Inspection Gloves

Installation Kits - Barrel End Cap
Installing Screw Tips - Tech Tip
Insulated Dryer Hose
Insulated Heater Bands
Insulation Blankets - Barrel
Insulation Blankets - Tech Tip
Insulation Plus Heater Bands
Internal Scrapers - Deburring
Inventory Control Services
Ironclad Metal Protective Agent

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J Type Thermocouple Accessories
Jack Panels
Jiffy Hose
Jumpers - Water

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Kevlar Gloves
Kevlar Sleeves
Keyboard Enclosures
Keyway Deburring Tool
Kits - Barrel End Cap Installation
Kits - Clamp
Kits - End Cap Installation
Kits - O-ring
Kits - Spill
Knit Gloves

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Leveling Pads
Lifespan - Screw/Barrel - Tech Tip
Line Vac - EXAIR
Lithium Grease - White
Lifting Rings
Liquid Ceramic
Liza-Burr Deburring Tool
Loader Hose
Loose Granular - Absorbent
Low Profile Drawer Magnets
Low Voltage AC Sensor
Lubricant - Silicone
Lubricant - Thread
Lubricant - Wat Lube
Lubricant - White Lithium Grease

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M3 Manifolds
M4 Manifolds
M6 Manifolds
M8 Manifolds
Machine Mounts
Machine Mounts - Tech Tip
Machined Mold Clamps
Machinists Scraper - Deburring
Magnets - Drawer
Magnets - Drawer Options
Magnets - Grinder Plate
Magnets - Hopper
Magnets - In Line
Magnets - NEO FF Standard Drawer
Magnets - Self-Cleaning Drawer
Magnets - Tech Tip
Magnets - Torpedo
Maintenance Services - Preventative
Manifolds - Brass "Y"
Manifolds - Custom
Manifolds - In Line Air & Water
Materials Safety Data Sheets
Material Handling Hose
Mats - Anti-fatigue
Mats - Absorbent
Measuring - Bore Wear - Tech Tip
Measuring - Dial Bore Gauges
Measuring - Dial Bore Gauges - Tech Tip
Measuring - Micrometers
Measuring - Screw Micrometers
Melt Bolt Thermocouples
Mercury Contactors
Mercury Contactors - Tech Tip
Metal Filter
Metal Hose
Metal Hose - High Volume Transfer
Metal Polish
Metal Protective Agents
Metric - Micrometers
Metric Cartridge Heaters
Mica Heater Bands - Adjustable
Mica Heater Bands - Economical
Mica Heater Bands - Standard
Mica Heater Bands - Tech Tip
Micrometers - English
Micrometers - Metric
Micrometers - Screw OD Measuring
Mini-Scraper Deburring Tool
Miniature Ball Valves
Mold and Metal Polish
Mold Chutes
Mold Clamps
Mold Releases
Mold Savers
Mold Shields
Mold Sprays
Mold Temperature Controllers - Oil
Mold Temperature Controllers - Water
Molecular Sieve Desiccant
Molecular Sieve Desiccant - Tech Tip
Mounting Pads
Mounts - Machine
Mounts - Machine - Tech Tip
MRO Inventory Control Services

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Natural Citrus Cleaner
"N" Blades
N1 Blade
N1TiN Blade
N1C - Carbide Blade
N1D - Diamond Coated Blade
N2 Blade
N2C - Carbide Blade
N3 Blade
N6 Blade
N70K Blade
N80K Blade
N80K M 42 blade
N90K Blade
NB Deburring Tool Handle
Nipple Type Cascade Assemblies
Nipple Type Cascade Heads
Nitrile Block Hot Mill Gloves
Noga Burr 3
Noga Burr 5
Non-valved Couplers
Nozzle Adapters
Nozzle Cleaning Brushes
Nozzle Drool Discs
Nozzle Heater Bands
Nozzle Thermocouples
Nozzle Tips
Nozzle Tip - Dispersion Discs
Nozzle Tip - Shutoff
Nyracord Anti-fatigue Floor Mats
Nyracord Anti-fatigue Floor Mats - Tech Tip

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O-ring Splicing Kits
O-ring Kits
O-ring - Tech Tip
OEM Screw Tip Assembly
Oil Hose

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Pads - Abrasive
Pads - Cleaning
Pads - Leveling
Pads - Polishing
Pads - Scratch
Pads - Absorbent
Pails - Steel
Paintable Mold Releases

Paintable Release Agent
Panel Jacks
Parker Hose
Parts - Bore Gauge Replacement (Series 210)
Parts - Bore Gauge Replacement (Series 215)
Permatex Anti-seize Thread Lubricant
Permatex Hand Cleaner
Permatex Thread Lubricant
Pincers - Ear Clamp
Pipe Clamp Thermocouples
Pipe Fittings
Piston Tubes
Plastic "Edge-Off" Deburring Tool
Plastic Gate Cutting Tools
Plastic Plug Caps
Plug Baffles - Brass
Plug Caps
Plugs - Air Quick Connect
Plugs - Cover
Plugs - Extended Brass
Plugs - Hydraulic
Plugs - J Type Thermocouple
Plugs - Water Quick Connect
Pneumatic In-line Magnets
Polish - Mold and Metal
Polishing Pads
Portable Chillers - Air
Portable Chillers - Water
Portable Spill Kits
Preventive Maintenance Services
Printer Enclosures
Protective Agent - Metal
Pump Tank Stations - Polyethylene
Pump Tank Stations - Steel
Purging Liquid
Push-lock Hose Barbs
Push-on Hose

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Quick Connect Couplers - Air
Quick Connect Couplers - Water
Quick Connect Thermocouple Plugs and Jacks

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RTDs - Adjustable Depth
RTDs - Fixed Bayonet
RTDs - General Information
RTDs - Rigid Tube
RTDs - Tech Tip

Ralicar Transfer Metal Hose
Rapid-Burr Deburring Tool
Reconditioning Barrels/Screws - Tech Tip
Reconditioning Services - Barrels
Reconditioning Services - Screws
Relay - Solid State 20 AMP
Relay - Solid State 30 AMP
Relay - Solid State 50 AMP
Relay - Solid State 70 AMP
Relays - Solid State
Release Agent - Heater
Release Agents
Replacement Parts - Bore Gauge (Series 210)
Replacement Parts - Bore Gauge (Series 215)
Replacement Silicone Seals
Replacement Viton Seals
Resharpening - Granulator Knives
Resharpening - Grinder Blades
Return Air Dryer Hose
Rifle Cleaning Brush
Rigid Tube RTDs
Rigid Tube Thermocouples
Ring Thermocouples
Rings - Hoist/Lifting
Rings - Terminal
Rod - Twisted Steel w/Fittings
Rolls - Absorbent
Roto-Drive Combination Set
Roto-Drive Deburring Tool
Rubber Barrels
Rubber Screws
Rugs - Absorbent
Rust Penetrant
Rust Preventative

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"S" Blades
S10 Blade
S10TiN Blade
S10C - Carbide Blade
S10D - Diamond Coated Blade
S10S Blade
S20 - Heavy Duty Blade
S20C - Carbide Blade
S30 Blade
S35 Blade
S60 Blade
S101 Blade
S101TiN Blade
S150 Blade
S202 Blade
Safety Floor Mats
Safety Floor Mats - Tech Tip
Safety Tape
Scrapers - Brass
Scrapers - Deburring
Scratch Pads
Screens - Granulator
Screens - Grinder
Screen Printers - Spray Adhesive
Screen printers - Webbing Adhesive Spray
Screw Lifespan - Tech Tip
Screw Measuring Micrometers
Screw Tip Assemblies - Accu-Flo
Screw Tip Assemblies - OEM
Screw Tip Assemblies - 4 Piece
Screw Tip Assembly Installation - Tech Tip
Screws - Blow Molding
Screw - Custom Design
Screws - Extrusion
Screws - Glass Master High Performance
Screws - Injection
Screws - New
Screw - New Rubber
Screws - Reconditioning Services
Screws - Reconditioning - Tech Tip
Screws - Rubber
Screws - Thermoset Injection
Screws - Twin
Seals - Replacement Silicone
Seals - Replacement Viton
Self-cleaning Drawer Magnets
Self-coiling Hose - Air
Semi Transfer Metal Hose
Separator - Metal
Services - Preventative Maintenance
Sharpening - Granulator Knives
Sharpening - Grinder Blades
Sheet Metal Deburring Tool
Shields - Mold
Shredder Feed Conveyor
Shutoff Nozzle Tip
Sieve - Molecular - Desiccant
Silicone - Emulsion
Silicone Grease - Heavy Duty
Silicone - Lubricant
Silicone - Mold Release
Silicone Seals - Replacement
Silicone Spray - Food Processor Grade
Silo Transfer Metal Hose
Single-Inlet Hopper Loader
Single Manifolds
Sleeves - Kevlar
Sockets - Hydraulic
SOCs - Absorbent
Soft Grip Deburring Set
Soft Grip Deburring Tool
Solid State Relay - 20 AMP
Solid State Relay - 30 AMP
Solid State Relay - 50 AMP
Solid State Relay - 70 AMP
Solid State Relays
Sorbent Center
Sorbent Loose Granular
Sorbent Pads - Oil Only
Sorbent Pads - Universal
Sorbent Rolls - Oil Only
Sorbent Rolls - Universal
Sorbent SOCs
Spade Thermocouples
Special Services
Spill Containment
Spill Decks
Spill Pallets
Spill Kits - Portable
Spiral Double Bolt Clamps
Splicers - Hose
Splicing Kit - O-Ring
Spray Adhesive
Sprays - Mold
Square Cartridge Heaters
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Standard Micrometers
Steel Hex Elbows
Steel Pails
Strapping Tape - Fiberglass Reinforced
String Knit Gloves
Strip Heaters
Suction Hose
Suction Hose - Abrasion Resistant
Suction Hose - Economy
Suction Hose - Tigerflex
Super Wear-Resistant Steel
Swivel Hoist Rings

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T-80 Deburring Blade
T-120 Deburring Blade
T-Bolt Clamps
T-Handle Extension
Tapes - Carton Sealing
Tapes - Duct
Tapes - Electrical
Tapes - Fiberglass Reinforced Strapping
Tapes - Finger Safety Gauze
Tapes - Glass Cloth - Hi-temp
Tapes - Hi-temp
Tapes - Safety Gauze
Tapes - Strapping - Fiberglass Reinforced
Tapes - Thread Seal
Tapes - Vinyl Electrical
Tech Tips
Teddy-Burr -Deburring Tool
Temperature Controllers
Temptek Auxiliary Equipment
Temptek Chillers - Air
Temptek Chillers - Water
Temptek Cooling Towers - Fiberglass
Temptek Cooling Towers - Steel
Temptek Dryers
Temptek Granulators
Temptek Grinders
Temptek Mold Temperature Controllers - Oil
Temptek Mold Temperature Controllers - Water
Temptek Portable Chillers - Air
Temptek Portable Chillers - Water
Temptek Pump Tank Stations - Polyethylene
Temptek Pump Tank Stations - Steel
Temptek Vacuum Loaders
Terminal Caps - Ceramic
Terminal Rings - Hi-temp
Terry Cotton Gloves
Thermocouple Accessories
Thermocouple Adapters
Thermocouple Extensions
Thermocouple Tech Tip
Thermocouple Wire
Thermocouples - Adjustable Depth
Thermocouples - Adjustable Depth RTDs
Thermocouples - Fixed Bayonet 
Thermocouples - Fixed Bayonet RTDs
Thermocouples - General Information
Thermocouples - Melt Bolt
Thermocouples - Nozzle
Thermocouples - Pipe Clamp
Thermocouples - Rigid Tube RTDs
Thermocouples - Ring
Thermocouples - Spade
Thermocouples - Tech Tip
Thermocouples - Threaded Nozzle
Thermoflex Vinyl Electrical Tape
Thermoplastic Conversions
Thermoset Conversions
Thread Lubricant
Thread Seal Tape
Threaded Line Vac
Threaded Nozzle Thermocouples
Tie Bars
Tigerflex Suction Hose
Tilters - Box / Corner / Gaylord
Tip Assemblies
Tips - Check Valve
Tips - Nozzle
Tips - Screw 
Tips - Screw - Tech Tip
Tools - Hose Cutting
Tools - Plastic Cutting
Torpedo In-line Magnets
Torpedo Magnets
Tower System Enclosures
Transfer Agent - Heater
Transfer Metal Hose - High Volume
Troubleshooting Services
Tube Cleaning Brushes - Brass
Tube Cleaning Brushes - Single Spiral
Tubes - Piston

Twin Barrels
Twin Screws
Twin Extruder Screw Rebuilding

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Ultimate AC Voltage Sensor
Un-Drilled Drawer Magnets
Uni-Handle Deburring Tool
Unikit Deburring Kit
Upsize/Downsize Conversions
Urethane Release Agents
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Vacuum Loader Hose
Vacuum Loaders
Vacuum Wands
Valved Brass Shut-off Couplers
Valves - Ball
Valves - Ball Check
Valves - Check
Van Dorn Pre-Drilled Magnets
Venturi Loader
Vinyl Electrical Tape
Viton O-Ring Kits
Viton Seals - Replacement
Voltage Sensor

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Walk-EZ Nyracord Anti-fatigue Floor Mats
Wands - Gaylord Vacuum

Water Coupler Safety Clips
Water Couplings
Water Fittings
Water Hose
Water Jumpers
Water Manifolds
Wear - Controlling Screw/Barrel Lifespan
Wear - Measuring Barrel - Tech Tip
Wear-Resistant Steel
Webbing - Screen Printers Adhesive
Weld Couplings
Wexco Bi-metallic Barrels
White Lithium Grease
White Polymer Dry Lubricant
Wire - Hi-temp
Wire - Thermocouple
Wire Wheel
Wire Wheel - Metal Driver
Wire Wheel - Plastic Adapter
Worm Gear Clamps
Wrenches - Barrel End Cap Adapter

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"Y" Manifolds

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