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Auxiliary Equipment

Cooling Towers
Mold Temperature Controllers
Pump Tank Stations
Vacuum Loaders


NDB Series Desiccant Dryers use the industry standard dual-bed drying concept in a compact single blower configuration.One blower and multi-function valve control both the process and regeneration flow. The heaters are contained within the desiccant beds to minimize space.

  • Guaranteed -40F dewpoint process air.
  • Dual bed, stainless steel construction.
  • Integrated stainless steel insulated drying hoppers with large access door and sight glass (200 lb. hopper is carbon steel).
  • Compact design with single blower and a multifunction valve to control both the process and regeneration heaters contained within the desiccant beds to save space.
  • Standard voltage : 115/1/60 for NDB-15-T, 460/1/60 for NDB-25-T and 460/3/60 for NDB-50-T.

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Vacuum Loaders

THL Series Vacuum Loaders have a modular design for greater flexibility and efficiency. The no-tool access and push-fit assembly provides fast cleanout for quick material changes.

• 3/8 HP Motor w/ Control Instrument
• Gravity Discharge w/ Integral Reed Demand Switch
• Time Fill Operation
• Vertical Feed Tube
• 10' of Flexible Hose

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THL Series Vacuum Loaders


The EM Series Granulators are designed for maximum versatility. These press-side granulators are operator friendly, easy to service and easy to maintain. Precision scissor-cut action provides maximum throughput efficiency.

• Manual or Robotic Feed
• Interlock Time Delay Safety
• 4 Models Available

• Combination Hopper for Front (manual) Feed or Top (robotic) Feed
• Hinged Hopper for Easy Opening for Cleaning and Servicing
• Engineered to meet 90 DBA or Less for Most Materials 
• Special Steel/Plate/Steel Laminate to Reduce Resonant Noise
• Tangential Feed Design to Reduce Flyback; Heavy Duty, Welded Steel Construction
• 3 Blade Open Type Rotor
• 3 Rotor Knives; 2 Bed Knives; D-2 High Carbon / High Chrome Tool Steel
• Reversible Screen with 1/4" or 5/16" Diameter Holes

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EM Series Granulators

Mold Temperature Controllers

VT Series Mold Temperature Controllers are used to process temperature control to 250F. These units use an incoloy heater and centrifugal pump with standard NPT process fittings. Each unit has stainless steel cabinetry with a galvanized steel base mounted on casters. Two levels of microprocessor instructions are available. The LS Series offers To process temperature display and pulsed cooling valve. The LX Series offers To and From process temperature display with a modulating cooling valve. Both models come standard with process pressure gauges and a 10-foot power cord.

• Process Temperatures from 30F to 250F
• 20 to 180 GPM
• 3/4 to 5 HP Process Pumps
• 6 to 36 KW Heaters
• 3/8" to 1" Pulsed Cooling Valves (with LS Series Instrument)
• 3/8" to 1" Modulating Cooling Valve (with LX Series Instrument)
• Stainless Steel Cabinetry
• Microprocessor Digital Control
• 2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty

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LS Series Mold Temp Controller

LX Series Mold Temp Controller

Portable Chillers

CF Series Portable Chillers are used for process temperature control from 20F to 65F. Portable chillers are available from 1/4 to 40 tons. These units use a refrigerant zone with a compressor and evaporator, along with a reservoir and coolant pump. Water-cooled models (CF-W) use a plant water source for condensing. Air-cooled models (CF-A) use fans or blowers to move ambient air across the condenser.

Standard Features:
• Non-ferrous Insulated Reservoir
• Refrigerant Low Pressure Limit
• Refrigerant High Pressure Limit
• Freezestat Limit
• 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Features: (2 to 40 Tons)
• Galvanized Steel Frame and Enclosure Panels
• Microprocessor Control with Temperature Display and Machine Status
• Standard NPT Process Fittings
• Centrifugal Pumps
• Air or Water-cooled Condensers
• Scroll or Recipicating Compressors
• Brazed Plate Evaporators

Features: (1/4 to 1.5 Tons)
• Galvanized Steel Frame
• Microprocessor Control with Temperature Display
• Standard NPT Process Fittings
• Compact Frame with Small Footprint
• Coaxial Evaporator
• Hermetic Compressor
• Fan Style Air-cooled Condenser
• Brass Vane Pump

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Air-Cooled Portable Chiller

Water Cooled Portable Chiller

Central Chillers

Central Chillers provide economical plant-wide cooling, great for expansions of existing system or new start ups. MA and MW Series modules are available in 5 to 180 tons.

Standard Features:
• Scroll Compressors
• Refrigerant Low Pressure Safety
• Refrigerant High Pressure Safety
• Liquid Line Solenoid Valve
• Liquid Receiver
• Sight Glass with Moisture Indicator
• Thermostatic Expansion Valve
• Brazed Place Evaporator
• Low Flow Limit
• Full Insulation
• 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty

MA Series (Air-cooled)
• 5 to 40 Ton Capacity
• Serves 12 to 96 GPM Systems
• Fan Style Condenser (5 to 10 Ton Models)
• Blower Style Condenser (15 to 30 Ton Models)
• Remote Condensers Available for Units from 10 to 100 Tons

MW Series (Water-cooled)
• 5 to 180 Ton Capacity
• 1, 2, or 3 Circuit Designs
• Single & Multizone Controllers
• Water-cooled Condenser

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MA Series (Air Cooled) Central Chiller

MW Series (Water Cooled) Central Chiller

Cooling Towers

Temptek Cooling Towers provide cooling water to 85F (depending on ambient air temperature and humidity). Cooling towers are a part of a central cooling system including pumps or pump tank stations and are installed outside, generally either elevated on a stand or mounted on a roof. Available capacities range from 7 to 540 tons in both fiberglass and galvanized steel construction.

TM Series
• Galvanized Steel Construction
• 7 to 250 Ton Capacity
• CTI Certified
• Drip-proof Motor in Dry Air Stream
• Large, Non-clogging Spray Nozzles
• 5-Year Shell Warranty

TP Series
• Fiberglass Construction
• Galvanized Structural Steel Base
• 45 to 540 Ton Capacity
• Induced Draft Design
• Non-ferrous Construction on all Wet Surfaces
• Single and Multi-cell Models
• Gasketed, Easy-to-remove Inspection Covers
• TEFC Fan Motor with ABS Fan Blades
• PVC Wet Deck and Drift Eliminator
• 10-Year Shell and 5-year Mechanical Warranty

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Steel Contruction Cooling Tower


Fiberglass Construction Cooling Tower

Pump Tank Stations

Available from 275 to 3200 gallon capacities with 1, 2 or 3 pump configurations. Tank systems can be customized to meet virtually any requirements. Choice of three long-lasting materials: mild steel, stainless steel or polyethylene.

PPT Series (Polyethylene)
• Rotational Molded Polyethylene Reservoir
• Hinged Tank Lid
• 450 to 3200 Gallons Capacity
• Reservoir Level Sight Glass
• 2 to 40 HP Pumps Providing 40 to 1000 GPM
• Suction and Discharge Service Valves
• Water Make-up System
• 10-Year Tank Failure Warranty

PT Series (Mild Steel)
• Epoxy-coated Mild Steel Construction
• 275 to 3000 Gallon Capacity
• Reservoir Level Sight Glass
• 2 to 60 HP Pumps Providing 40 to 1000 GPM
• Suction and Discharge Service Valves
• 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

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Polyethylene Construction Pump Tank Station


Steel Construction Pump Tank Station

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