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Barrel Insulation Blankets

Save Money on Heat Loss!

Barrel Insulation Blanket System on Twin Screw Barrel


Off-the-Shelf Insulation System (Modular by Design)

Barrel Blankets can be used on any brand injection, extrusion or blow molding machine.  Their primary use lies in saving money by insulating the barrel from heat loss.  This in turn requires the heater bands to cycle less and to lower electricity bills.  

Additional benefits are: Increased heater band life, Increased safety when working on or around the machines and the Increased aesthetic appearance of your machines.

• Adjustable Closure System Insures the Best Fit
• Overlapping Cuff for Maximum Heat Retention
• Maximum Personal Protection
• Typical Payback in 6 Months
  (Based on 24-hours per day, 5 days per week, and paying 5 per KWH.)

A simple system to insulate most injection, extrusion and blow molding machines. Simply measure the outside diameter or circumference of the heater bands and the distance between thermocouples (this is critical). You can utilize a series of insulators to insulate the desired width, for instance, use two 4" blankets to insulate an 8" width.

Packaging:  Sold individually.

Barrel Insulation Blanket


or Diameter to
be Covered
Width of
12.5" Circumference or 
4" Diameter
2" BI 12.5x2
4" BI 12.5x4
6" BI 12.5x6
16" Circumference or 
5" Diameter
2" BI 16x2
4" BI 16x4
6" BI 16x6
19" Circumference or 
6" Diameter
2" BI 19x2
4" BI 19x4
6" BI 19x6
22" Circumference or 
7" Diameter
2" BI 22x2
4" BI 22x4
6" BI 22x6
25" Circumference or 
8" Diameter
2" BI 25x2
4" BI 25x4
6" BI 25x6
28" Circumference or 
9" Diameter
2" BI 28x2
4" BI 28x4
6" BI 28x6
31.5" Circumference or 
10" Diameter
2" BI 31.5x2
4" BI 31.5x4
6" BI 31.5x6
34.5" Circumference or 
11" Diameter
2" BI 34.5x2
4" BI 34.5x4
6" BI 34.5x6
37.5" Circumference or 
12" Diameter
2" BI 37.5x2
4" BI 37.5x4
6" BI 37.5x6



Outside Fabric: Teflon-coated Fiberglass (to 500F)
Insulation: 1" Ceramic Fiber (to 2300F)
Inside Fabric: Silica Fabric (to 2000F)
Closure System: Nomex Loop / Stainless Steel Hook
Identification Patch: Brand-Ton/Oz




Our barrel blankets are comparable with the following brands: Coverflex, DME, Elemex, Firwin, Flexin, Insultech, Insul-vest, LJ, Rex Materials, RMG, Santoro, SCT, SEI, Shannon, Superior Energy, Tempco, Temp-Set, Unitherm.

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