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Preventative/Predictive Maintenance Program, Bore Gauges, Micrometers

February Barrels, Screws, and Screw Tip Assemblies
March Desiccant, Dryer Hose, Dryers, and The Desiccant Knowledge Quiz
April Hose Liquidation and The Hose Knowledge Quiz
May Insulation Blankets, Heater Bands, Thermocouples and The Insulation Blanket Knowledge Quiz
May #2 World Class Manufacturer of Barrels, Screws, and Screw Tip Assemblies
June Desert Dry Molecular Sieve Desiccant and Desiccant Knowledge Quiz 
June #2 Troubleshooting, Process Optimization, and The Molding Problems Quiz
July Loader Hose, Vacuum Hose, Suction Hose, Clamps  and The Suction Hose Knowledge Quiz
July #2 Dryer, Return Air and Insulated Dryer Hose, Clamps  and The Dryer Hose Knowledge Quiz
August Air Hose, Water Hose, Oil Hose and the Air - Water - Oil Hose Knowledge Quiz
September Preventative Maintenance, Specialty Engineering, Process Optimization and other services
September #2 Accu-Flow Screw Tips Assemblies (New & Improved)
October Rebuild/Refurbish Your Worn Out Machines Today!
November New or Resharpened Grinder Blades and Screens
November #2 Dryer Hose, Suction Hose, Air / Water/ Oil Hose, Metal Hose... Buy Now Before Prices Increase
December 24,723 Screws and counting


January Rebuild Barrels and Screws, Top Quality Nozzles, Dryer Hose
February Screw Tip Assemblies, Desiccant and Tie Bars
March Desiccant, Dryer Hose, Drum & Gaylord Covers
April Gloves, Manifolds, Desiccant, Screw Tips, Hose
May Screw Tip Assemblies, Gloves, Desiccant, Thermocouples, Heater Bands
June Rebuild Barrels and Screws, Workstations, Fittings, Hose, Manifolds
July Tie Bars, Gloves, Mold Clamps, Top Quality Nozzle Tips, Screw Tip Assemblies
August Pipe Fittings, Water Fittings, Couplers, Ball Valves
September Work Gloves, String Knit Gloves, Inspection Gloves, and More...
October Heater Bands, Strip Heaters, Thermocouples/RTDs, Electrical Accessories
November Rebuild Screws and Barrels, Heater Bands and Thermocouples, Hose and Fitting, and Molding Accessories
December Grinder Blades, Grinder Screens, Grinder Blade Resharpening Services



May Barrels, Screws, Screw Tips and End Cap Adapters
June Heater Bands, Cartridge Heaters, Thermocouples and Special Services
July Gloves, Heater Bands and Thermocouples
August Desiccant, Screw Tips, Screws,  Barrels, Gloves and Hose
September Screw Rebuilding, Glass Master Screws, CAED Technology Nozzle Tips, Bore Gauges and Screw Micrometers
October Heater Bands, Strip Heaters, Thermocouples/RTDs, Electrical Accessories
November Auxiliary Equipment, Heater Bands, Grinder Blades, Grinder Screens and Blanket Purchase Orders
December Machine Expansion Industrial Accessories


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