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Extruder Barrel Insulation Blankets



Offers a line of Extruder Barrel Insulating Blankets designed to contain the heat generated 
by industrial heating elements in various applications.  This conserves both the energy 
necessary to generate the heat for your machine and to cool the facilities ambient environment.


Plastic Services & Equipment a name that means quality and experience in high temperature insulation . 
PS&E has played a major roll in developing and perfecting products that currently define the best in the industry. Plastics Services & Equipment offers the best in products and experience to save you money through the increased efficiencies of high temperature insulation.  Heat loss costs the industry hundreds of millions of dollars annually - wasted dollars that could be redirected to bottom line profits through proper insulation techniques.



Independent studies have shown that insulation provides the single greatest “payback” with the least amount of capital investment. Typical time to recoup insulation cost is three to six months based on the following figures: operating machines 24 hours per day, 5 days per week paying $0.05 per KWH.  If you run a continuous operation or pay more for your energy, the payback period is even less.

PS&E can engineer, design and manufacture removable insulation for virtually any temperature retaining application.



  • Cost Savings (energy, safety and machine downtime)

  • Faster start up of your machines

  • Even heat temperature profiles

  • Personnel protection - safety

  • Extended heater band life



  • Adjustable closure system insures the best fit

  • Overlapping cuff for maximum heat retention

  • Safety - Personal protection



  • Outside fabric:..............Teflon-coated fiberglass (to 500 degrees Fahrenheit)

  • Insulation:......................1” ceramic fiber (atop 2300 degrees Fahrenheit)

  • Inside fabric:.................Silica fabric (to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit)

  • Closure system:............Nomex  loop/stainless steel hook or Velcro

  • Identification patch:.......Brand-ton/oz


Simply measure the outside diameter or circumference of the heater bands and the distance between thermocouples (this is critical). You can utilize a series of insulators to insulate the desired width, for instance, use two 4” insulators to cover an 8” width.



  • Measure from face of flange to first thermocouple

  • Measure from first thermocouple to second thermocouple

  • Follow suit through front of barrel measuring between thermocouples

  • Measure circumference with tape measure. Always measure O.D. of heater band. If there is a junction box, measure over it.

  • Record dimensions

or Diameter to
be Covered
Width of
12.5" Circumference or 
4" Diameter
2" BI 12.5x2
4" BI 12.5x4
6" BI 12.5x6
16" Circumference or 
5" Diameter
2" BI 16x2
4" BI 16x4
6" BI 16x6
19" Circumference or 
6" Diameter
2" BI 19x2
4" BI 19x4
6" BI 19x6
22" Circumference or 
7" Diameter
2" BI 22x2
4" BI 22x4
6" BI 22x6
25" Circumference or 
8" Diameter
2" BI 25x2
4" BI 25x4
6" BI 25x6
28" Circumference or 
9" Diameter
2" BI 28x2
4" BI 28x4
6" BI 28x6
31.5" Circumference or 
10" Diameter
2" BI 31.5x2
4" BI 31.5x4
6" BI 31.5x6
34.5" Circumference or 
11" Diameter
2" BI 34.5x2
4" BI 34.5x4
6" BI 34.5x6
37.5" Circumference or 
12" Diameter
2" BI 37.5x2
4" BI 37.5x4
6" BI 37.5x6



  • The rear of the machine is where the hopper is

  • Always measure machines from operator side for easy access

  • The front blanket will end at the large diameter of the barrel, right behind the nozzle adapter

  • The measuring tape should fit snug, no slack



Contact us at Plastic Services & Equipment, we will provide savings information for various machines, if not yours specifically, at least enough information will be provided for you to see the value of using barrel insulation blankets to convince you to make the right choice.



Our product line consists of both custom designed and off-the-shelf insulating blankets made of modern high temperature materials, including Kevlar,  Ceramics, Teflon, Silica and conventional fiberglass. Many applications such as injection molding and extruder barrels can be insulated with stock interlocking wraps of varying length which when linked together provide insulation for length and most diameters.



Insulation systems have become critical to the processing capabilities and efficiencies of all plastic and rubber processors.

We provide systems in a variety of configurations to accommodate your needs. From  customized blankets for sheet dies, blown film dies and thermoset molds to insulation boards for low and high compression applications. Each system allows for maximum efficiency and control of tool/mold temperature, faster start-up times and reduced strain on plant cooling systems. Barrel insulation can be customized to a specific barrel or generalized to adopt to a variety of barrel sizes and configurations, and are designed with convenience in mind with access for all adjustment areas and quick connect hardware for easy removal and replacement.



Protective shields, protective barriers, or insulating materials shall be used to protect each employee from shock, burns or other electrically related injuries.  While that employee is working near exposed energized parts, which might be accidentally contacted or where dangerous electric heating or arcing might occur, it is necessary to provide protection. When normally enclosed live parts are exposed for the maintenance or repair, they shall be guarded to protect unqualified persons from contact with the live parts.


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