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Screw Materials


Built to Equal or Surpass O.E.M. Specifications

Material Options:

4140 Alloy Steel
A good alloy steel for toughness, good torsional strength and good fatigue strength.

Nitralloy 135m
Material is machined, then nitrided. This material has a shorter life, and should only be used when low cost is the only consideration.

H-13 Tool Steel
A good high strength pre-hardened tool steel which is machined, thru-hardened, and ground dimensionally, then nitride hardened for 72 hours for better wear resistance. H-13 is tough and can handle pressure and torque.

D-2 Tool Steel
A high carbon/high chrome tool steel with good wear resistance, but low on torque strength.

Crucible's Cru-Wear is an excellent combination of high wear resistance, compressive strength and exceptional toughness. Ideal for applications that require higher wear resistance than D-2.

17-4 PH Stainless
An excellent combination of strength and corrosion resistance. Ideal for smaller screws where strength is critical.

CPM-9V Tool Steel
A new generation tool steel with a high percentage of vanadium carbide developed for high wear (abrasive) applications.

CPM-420V Tool Steel
Crucible's CPM-420V is a new stainless tool steel best suited for corrosion-
resistance. CPM-420V is a higher performance upgrade for CPM-440V. Corrosion resistance is significantly better than CPM-440V. Wear resistance is about 25-50% better than CPM-440V, due to the higher vanadium carbide content of CPM-420V (9% vanadium vs. 5.5-6% in CPM-440V).


Hard Facing Options

Stellite #6, Stellite #12, and Colmonoy #56, 57, 83 and 86


Surface Treatment Options

Nitride, Chrome, TiN (Titanium Nitriding), Carbide Encapsulation and Armoloy


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